Our Winemaking Philosophy


At Bellacana we strive to bring out the best from what the fruit and Vineyard give off. We try to pick at the optimum ripeness, to show the best of what the grape has to offer. It’s a delicate balance to pick at the proper time.

The Sauvignon Blanc needs to be at 22.5-23.5 Brix. This ensures we’ll achieve the proper balance of fruit and acid. We whole cluster press juice to maximize the flavors and ferment in stainless steel tanks, chilled, for a slow and precise finish.

Our Hillside Cabernet is produced from our Hillside Vineyard overlooking the renowned Alexander Valley. The yield is low, but quality is of the highest level. Fruit is harvested in the cool morning and delivered to the winery a very short distance from our Vineyards in small ½-ton containers. Getting the maximum proper ripeness is essential so we’ll harvest at roughly 24 Brix. This will be fermented in small Open Top fermenters with roughly 10% whole clusters. This process ensures we maximize the best of what the fruit has to offer. Barrel aged in French oak for a minimum of 18 months. Simply put, without great fruit you cannot make great wine!